Drilling Your Well Right

Dallas Haynes supervises every well and water system because his name is on the line.  Over 108 Years in the family business brings a responsibility to maintain a great reputation!  Haynes Well & Pump Service brings the contracting expertise and generations of accumulated experience to provide you with turn-key work.  We offer all water related … Continue reading Drilling Your Well Right

Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water virtually eliminates the buildup of mineral scaling in pipes and on water fixtures in the home and business.  The advantages of water that does not have dissolved minerals include: cleaner laundry softer skin with less itching shinier hair that is easier to manage less time cleaning soap scum and spots from household fixtures … Continue reading Benefits of Soft Water

Why do ALL homes and most businesses need some Water Filtration?

Water is the Universal Solvent that can dissolve more substances than any other liquid and holds on to these substances such as iron, manganese, calcium, lead, nitrates, arsenic, etc.  Well water passes through the surface of the ground and different layers of bedrock and sands, picking up minerals along the way. Municipal water is surface water … Continue reading Why do ALL homes and most businesses need some Water Filtration?