New Year — New Water

If you want cleaner, better tasting, better smelling water in the new year, call Dallas Haynes, 540-382-8251.  He can provide you the best pricing in the New River Valley for WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS, including water softeners, iron and sulfur cleaning, and reverse-osmosis drinking water filtration.  Want a winter savings deal, ask Dallas about a water … Continue reading New Year — New Water

Happy New Year!

Don’t let this year be like the rest, if you don’t have good clean well water give us a call and we will be more than happy to help your family. Having water issues? Cold weather is about to hit us here in the New River Valley and we will bundle up and unfreeze your … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving/Fall Break

Here at Haynes Well we know that having the kids home on their Thanksgiving/Fall break from school can be a joyful time but also a headache. Try doing fun easy activities with your children this year to keep them from bouncing off the walls. Handprints/footprints are so much fun! Even make the little hand of … Continue reading Thanksgiving/Fall Break